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free or paid senior dating sites

Free senior dating sites or paid ones?

Finding love online after 50 requires dedication, patience and a lot of conviction. When you get back to the dating market after spending years in a serious relationship, it’s hard to trust the effectiveness of dating sites, especially those which are free-to-use. In spite this, older dating is more popular[…]

senior dating site dating profile

How to write a dating profile in senior dating sites?

The success in senior dating sites depends on several factors, but having a captivating profile can substantially increase your chances of landing a date. On the Internet, you can find plenty of articles giving tips on how to write a dating profile in a classic dating site, but what about[…]

ultimate guide to dating after 50

The ultimate guide to dating after 50

The best love is unexpected. There is no age limit when it comes to finding someone special and getting lost in countless emotions. Butterflies in the stomach, your heart pumping frantically when you get closer to each other, your giggle when getting a compliment, the excitement planning your next date…[…]

senior dating young women

Senior dating uncovered: Do older men really prefer dating younger women?

Age gap has always been a controversial topic. For many years, we have witnessed that phenomenon where older men date younger women. We have seen lots of couples where a man over 50s was romantically attached to a lady who was half their age. In fact, there is a new[…]

dating apps senior

Dating apps for senior singles: The alternatives to Tinder when you are over 50

Online senior dating is a thing! Nowadays, seniors are more tech savvy than years ago, and they are using their newly acquired digital knowledge to improve their dating life. According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, mature men and women are embracing new technologies at a fast[…]

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