How to write a dating profile in senior dating sites?

Last Update : June 19, 2018 by Lara

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The success in senior dating sites depends on several factors, but having a captivating profile can substantially increase your chances of landing a date.

On the Internet, you can find plenty of articles giving tips on how to write a dating profile in a classic dating site, but what about senior dating sites?

The dynamics in these websites are somehow different, so not all the tricks that work in classic matchmakers necessarily work on websites where senior people meet.

We have come up with a very useful guide with tips on how to write a dating profile that in senior dating sites.

If you are single (or separated, divorced or widowed) over 50, new in the world of online dating and want to write create a catchy dating profile, then this is the perfect manual for you!

How to make a good dating profile in senior dating sites?

The first thing that you should consider before including any details in the site is that your dating profile is like your presentation card.

The more information you include about you and the type of relationship you are looking for, the better.

In senior dating sites the competition is pretty high, so you would need to take some time to write your “About Me”.

The idea is to catch other senior singles’ attention. To do so, we recommend you to include interesting facts about you.

You will find dozens of users saying that they love to go cinema, walk in the park or dancing, but why choosing your profile instead of others?

The answer is easy: you are unique!

Make sure you show in your profile that you are exceptional, that dating you can be a real adventure!
You can boost two things in your profile to achieve this goal:

  • Your personal description.
  • Your photo gallery.

How to write a catchy “About Me” in senior dating sites?

The first step we suggest you is to create a short list of interesting facts about you.

One of the advantages of senior dating is that you may have countless delightful stories to share, entertaining experiences you have lived that can easily fascinate another curious mind.

So, instead of including the same old boring interests in your personal description, try to show the adventurous you!

A user telling that loves to travel to exotic places or doing activities like yoga or games nights has potentially more chances to get a date that someone who says that spend hours sitting in the sofa watching TV.

Once you have described what type of senior single you are, it’s time to explain what your romantic expectations are.

Are you looking for companionship, friendship, a serious relationship or just a relaxed date with less serious love prospects?

Describing your ideal relationship and your perfect lover will make easy the process of finding your next partner!

What to think about when writing your dating profile?

  • Describe what makes you unique, and differentiates you from other senior singles.
  • Tell about why dating you would be an adventure.
  • Explain what are you looking for in the dating site and how your ideal partner would be!

How to get other senior singles attention with your profile photo?

There is one real truth in pretty much all dating sites. Your profile photo is what other singles view first.

Senior dating sites are not the exception.

Even if you have the best “About Me”, if your pictures are not appealing enough to others, you can spend hours using the platform with no luck.

The first thing to consider is to include a stunning profile photo to catch others’ attention.

What makes a photo to get more visits to your profile, and therefore, you receiving more messages from other senior singles interested in you?

Your profile photo should be:

  • Genuine
  • Recent
  • Attractive

A profile photo where you appear doing something interesting like engaging on an activity like, let’s say, playing an instrument, cooking or doing sports, are great to show that you are the type of person who loves to keep his/her mind entertained and his/her body in motion all the time.

If you, for example, upload a profile photo where you appear in a remote and exotic location, it shows that you love to travel and discover new things.

The idea is to present yourself as a fun person to have a first date, and occasionally, if there is chemistry, begin a new love story.

What to think when uploading your profile photos?

  • Make sure you appear doing a fun or entertaining activity
  • Ensure you are the only one appearing in them
  • Go for those pictures where it’s shown that you like to travel and make the most of your retired life

All in all, if you put extra care and effort while writing your “About Me” and selecting the right profile photos, show that you are an exceptional person to have a date with, you will multiply your chances to chat with other senior singles online, and eventually meet your significant other!

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